Book Review: Stuffed by Patricia Volk

Volk Stuffed

Stuffed by Patricia Volk was one of those books I couldn’t finish reading.

As a reader, if I am struggling with a novel, I try twice to give it a chance to wiggle its way into my heart. Stuffed is one of those novels that had the change and doesn’t make the cut. The appeal to ead about a restaurant family includes the restaurant and less about the interpersonal relationships in a family.

I am a narrative reader, and in this book, the train of thought is a cataclysmic mess, with stream of consciousness taking place for the duration of my experience. Time and place have no context, no clear movement from one to the other. It is like a conservation with an elderly person who you’ve asked to share their life story. Now they are fifty and in the next breath nineteen. It is mind numbing to read.

Finally, the triggers in the book is what made me set it aside for good. The way Volk’s mother speaks and acts toward her is disgusting and I chose to not endure it:

“What she wantes for me is an even cleaner, thinner, happier life than she has. Mom made me, and now she will make me better. I’m unfinishes, something she can’t stop sculpting, something it’s her job to complete.” (pg 61)

While I can’t recommend this book, I would like to share something with you. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and while Volk had a mother that saw her as not good enough, not thin enough, not anything enough, I hope differently for you. Relationships are important to have and are important pieces of long, healthy lives. The research says so and I’ll share that in one of my upcoming reviews.

Happy Mother’s Day!