Book Review: The Blood Red Nails of War by Hannah Warren

Cover of The Blood Red Nails of War by Hannah Warren - Review
This is a review of The Blood Red Nails of War by Hannah Warren.

The Blood Read Nails of War is a historic novella that digs into your soul as a quick read with relatable but wonderfully troubled main characters. Meeting as teenagers on the brink of finding themselves, Elle, Agnus and Jacques push boundaries and end their discovery of each other as quickly as they started it.

Duality is ever present between Elle and Agnus  and their differences lend well to the third in their triangle, Jacques.  Elle creates a sordid atmosphere and Agnus is forced to make a decision as a blossoming teenage girl. Jacques has an affection for Agnus and is horrified with his sister’s actions and the resulting actions from Agnus.

After a lengthy separation, the three meet again as adults. Revisiting childhood memories quickly, they deal with being thrust together by the First World War quite maturely. Those memories make way for serving the wounded from the front line. They prove to be a formidable team who works tirelessly. Each doing their best to represent their passions as war rages around them.

Warren’s writing is fast-paced, eloquent and an absolute pleasure to read. Depth of characters is established quickly through interaction with their environment and other characters. It is a pleasure to invest in well-developed characters. I cannot wait for more installments of this series as it has dug its nails into my heart.


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