Book Review: The Cottage on The Border: Jenna Kroon Series by Hannah Warren

Cover of The Cottage on the Border by Hannah Warren - Review
The Cottage on the Border, the first in the Jenna Kroon series by Hannah Warren, captures the depth and complexity of love, struggle and family.

In Cottage on the Border, Jenna is a successful dancer who embodies duende. She is a master of the mixture between physical expression and emotional connection with music. Jenna’s poor health habits catch up with her early in the book and she is hospitalized. Her hospitalization culminates her career. 

In this hard time, Jenna reaches out to her brother for help. Vincent will always help his family first and comes to Jenna’s aid. Together, they begin work on Jenna’s healing path. Vincent’s roles as professional and brother are one of the secondary themes and is one key to understanding Jenna.

After small successes, Jenna discovers she has an incredible gift along with a family history that is much closer than she previously believed. Jenna wants to continue working through her struggles and demands (as is her nature) that she be left alone to do so. She and Vincent work on a method so she will be successful then it is Jenna and her ghosts.

With her piles of blonde hair and violet eyes, she dives into her treasure trove of history, alone.  

The Cottage on the Border delves into the full character of flawed humanity. I found myself cheering all the characters, which speaks to the depth of Warren’s character development. History and morality would dictate that I should not sympathize with people who have done such horrid things. This is a testament to Warren’s  writing style. Her additional sheer genius in allowing us to travel with Jenna in all her discoveries is what made this a mouth-watering read for me. Like Jenna, I couldn’t stop.

Reading The Cottage on the Border is a great experience. I simply cannot wait to read the other two books in this series.  Jenna is addicting, her struggle is superhuman and I need to know how it turns out. A solid five stars.

Format: ebook
Pages: 228
Days to Read: 9

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