Book Review: Addictarium by Nicole D’Settimi

Addictarium by Nicole D'Settimi

Addictarium by Nicole D’Settimi

Danielle Martino is our heroin(e) and addict. Her thought processes, decisions and vulnerabilities are bared as the main character in Nicole D’Settemi’s Addictarium.

The novel outlines life at The Village, an addiction treatment facility in New York, where it seems that everyone is doing anything but getting better. Drugs, sex, death, scandal and toxic, twisted relationships are at the core of Danielle’s tale and D’Settemi ensures it is at the forefront for her readers. Danielle is verbose about her fascination with death, how it impacts her, how she bathes in all things dark. While Danielle is the Princess of Darkness, she is a magnet for people, especially the wrong type. Her relationships all have a vile undertone to them, even the one with her Angel.

The journey you’re taken on through Danielle’s eyes is tumultuous at times, calm at others and you find yourself rooting for her. I desperately wanted her to get better, to quit making stupid mistakes, to see herself as her positive qualities: talented, a natural leader, friendly, and empathetic. However, as is expected with an addict, every choice was predictable and, yet, still heartbreaking. Riding through those emotional waves with Danielle made it easy to keep reading, to turn the page hoping for a different outcome, a better decision, or (frankly) death.

D’Settemi has written a novel that beautifully captures the true struggle of the addicted and she should be applauded for not shying away from disturbing scenes, as there are quite a few triggers in this book.

Ideally, this novel would have gone through an additional editing cycle for common homonyms, mechanics and flow. Hence the three stars.

Overall, Addictarium is a quick, easy ready while being insightful to a lifestyle where many of us would not dare tread.


Interested? Addictarium can be purchased here.

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